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Oscar Rodriguez Owner/ Broker


Oscar has 16 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry in Central Florida. Initially focused on Residential Real Estate properties in the exclusive areas of Orlando, Windermere, Lake Nona, Winter Park and Celebration as a Broker Associate of Real Estate Firms Keller Willians and Century 21. In 2012, he formed B Live Commercial and Residential Real Estate, and started his successful path in Commercial Real Estate, representing many locals and international buyers and sellers from all around the world. Oscar has advised investment firms, hotel chains, residential and retail developers. As well as, providing property management services on the Residential and Commercial properties due to the trust he has gained with his honest and professional services. He has helped clients in Office Buildings and Retail Plazas acquisition transactions all over Central Florida, hotels in International Drive, Lake Buena Vista and Kissimmee, while also working with developers in residential land sales. Oscar has built rich international networking, being from Venezuela and having partnered with brokers in many countries of South America, as Brasil, Colombia, Argentina among others. As a multicultural businessman, Oscar brings a great value to his Orlando clients, as well as promoting local economy, applying his cultural knowledge advising international clients in all their business transactions.


  • $8,500,000, Represented Buyer from Brazil – Office Building in Dr Phillip, Orlando, FL
  • $7,300,000, Represented Buyer from Brazil – Hotel in International Dr, Orlando, FL
  • $4,400,000, Represented Seller from Argentina – Hotel in 192, Kissimmee, FL
  • $2,772,000, Represented Buyer from Brazil – Hotel Parcel by Premium Outlet, Orlando, FL
  • $3,200,000, Represented Buyer from Dominican Republic – Retail Plaza, Casselberry, FL
  • $2,950,000, Represented Buyer from Venezuela – Vacant Land to Develop – Davenport, FL
  • $5,450,000, Represented Buyer from Venezuela – Multifamily – Orlando, FL
  • $5,100,000, Represented Buyer from Argentina – Hotel in 192, Kissimmee, FL
  • $2,680,000, Represented Seller from Dominican Republic – Retail Plaza – Lake Nona, FL
  • $1,900,000, Represented Buyer from South Florida – Retail Plaza – Kissimmee, FL
  • $3,045,000, Represented Seller from Chicago – Single family Home – Celebration, FL
  • $2,280,000, Represented Buyer from Brazil – Single Family Home – GoldenOak, FL
  • $2,150,000, Represented Seller from New York – Single Family Home – Isleworth, FL
  • $2,850,000 Represented Seller from Brazil – Single Family Home – Keene’s Pointe, FL
  • $1,875,000 Represented Buyer from South Florida – Single Family Home – Windermere, FL


Meet The Rodriguez Family:
A Testament to How Big Hearts and Hard Work Pay Off
in the Land of Opportunity


For the Rodriguez Family Orlando is much more than home away from home.

Their story starts in Valencia, Venezuela where both Oscar and Daniela were born. As a young and ambitious businessman, Oscar Rodriguez always had a plan. In his early twenties, when he was studying business administration in Venezuela, he was also managing his family’s multi-family investment properties. His father was a dentist who invested in real estate and through this experience Oscar learned the underlying elements of property management and real estate investments.

When he graduated from college, Oscar would move to Orlando, FL where the opportunity was abound to continue to grow his real estate career. Orlando real estate market was growing. Both land and investment properties were available at prices that appealed to a wide spectrum of prospects. In due time his instincts and his educated guess would prove to be right.

The availability of different categories of real estate products at the right prices, ease of geographic accessibility and the warm weather made and still make Orlando in demand by mainly Latin American but also by international investors both on the commercial and the residential side.

Oscar initially focused on residential real estate properties in Orlando for foreign clients from around the world. In time, he would go on to form his company; B Live Commercial and Residential Real Estate. That was 7 years ago. Since then, Oscar has signed under many real estate transactions. He has advised investment firms, hotel chains and developers from South America and the Caribbean, helped clients in office building acquisition transactions in Dr. Phillips, Orlando and Kissimmee, hotels in International Drive and Lake Buena Vista, as well as retail plazas all over Central Florida while also working with developers in residential land sales.

Today, Daniela also works in the family business, mainly focusing on the residential side at B Live Pro LLC. B Live Pro partners with a development team including general contractors, engineers and architects advising their clients about the real estate development process in Central Florida. As a part of this team, Daniela brokers and property manages luxury single family homes in the exclusive golf communities of Windermere, Dr. Phillips and Celebration.

Unlike Oscar, Daniela was not always in real estate. In fact, when she met Oscar in their home country Venezuela in 2006 she was studying to become a lawyer.

The couple met during Daniela’s last year of law school. Oscar had come back to Venezuela to visit his family. Oscar’s sister Marianna introduced the two. Daniela says:

It was love at first sight! Oscar was going back to the US in a few days, and right there on the spot, he asked me to have dinner with him the next day. Of course I said: Yes! We talked so much, I felt like I had always known him…. We enjoyed his last days in Venezuela. After he left, we kept in touch.”

After Oscar left, Daniela would continue her studies while interning at the international law firm Baker and Mackenzie, in Venezuela. She had planned to join the firm upon completing her undergraduate and graduate studies. Also an ambitious and studious young woman, Daniela graduated summa cum laude taking the first place among the 300 graduates that year. While attending law school she was the assistant to the political and legal sociology professor. She received a job offer from the school administration to pursue an academic career as soon as she graduated.  Daniela says: “I loved the idea, I loved teaching so much. I wanted to do it part time.”

Meanwhile Oscar’s real estate career had been very successful in the land of opportunity. He was working hard in the US and taking breaks every two months to visit Daniela in Venezuela. During that time, following her dreams Daniela had applied for masters programs and one day she told Oscar about the acceptance letter she received from the Bocconi University in Milan, a highly accredited university for the International Law and Human Rights Masters Program.

Knowing he did not want Daniela to go anywhere, Oscar proposed right there on the spot. Daniela says: “ He said, you are not going to Italy, you are coming with me to the USA. He proposed. And just like that, I put all my career and professional dreams aside. I was really in love….All what I have worked and dreamed of for years had changed and needed to wait. And I decided to start a family.”

The couple had a dreamy wedding in Valencia, Venezuela and celebrated with a month long honey moon in Europe where they spent a week each in their favorite cities in France and Italy: Paris, Rome, Florence and Venice.

Today, the Rodriguez Family lives in Keene’s Pointe Subdivision in Windermere and love their community. The couple have made friends that they say are like family. Daniela says: “We love being with our friends. We have found in Keene’s Pointe what we used to have in our country, our home. Our friends are mostly our neighbors. They have become our most supportive and loving family. I love the sense of community, everybody cares about each other.” Daniela says.

Daniela and Oscar have two sons: Oscar Daniel Rodriguez 9, Carlos Daniel Rodriguez 8. They also have Bela, a one year old mini Golden Doodle. Both boys attend Windermere Elementary School. Daniela shares that they love playdates with friends and biking around the neighborhood with their dad.

The Rodriguez family of four is always busy, working hard and also enjoying a very active social and athletic life. The couple and both of their sons are tennis players. Oscar and Daniela play tennis matches weekly as well as participating in couples tennis tournaments around town. The whole family plays tennis and they enjoy the Golden Bear Club’s activities as a family. “Some Sundays, if we don’t have any plans we go and play tennis with our kids. Oscar and I were the first members of the Keene’s Pointe Tennis team. Maybe that has given us the opportunity to know amazing people, and to make such good friends.” Daniela says. 

As a part of making sure to plan for family time the Rodriguez love to travel. “We love Europe and the Caribbean. This year we are planning to go to Madrid to reunite with our family. We love the beach. So, we always plan a trip to the Islands, cruises like the Disney. We just came from one recently. We have gone to Cancun, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Aruba. We also love snow, kids love snowboarding so we go to North Carolina every year. I particularly love ice skating. I roller blade 3-4 times a week in Keene’ s Pointe.” Daniela says.

If you thought the Rodriguez Family is busy enough, think again. In addition to being a working mother of two Daniela is an art collector. “ I love art in every single way, I have select pieces at our home from Venezuela’s famous artists, recognized in Europe and around the world like Cruz Diez, Moretti, Mujica, Braulio Salazar among others. When my boys grow up, my dream is to have an Art Gallery.,” Daniela adds.

The couple also organizes fundraisers to support an orphanage in their hometown and visit the orphanage often. When they do, Oscar and Daniela always make sure to include their sons hands on in all that they do. “We bring our sons to our visits to the orphanage, they went to last year to the Christmas party. They had the opportunity to play and talk to them. I think it is an amazing lesson to give them perspective to instill gratitude, while teaching how good it is to help others,” Daniela says.

The Rodriguez Family’s priority is putting loved ones first. “We work hard but we also know life can be a short path, and we make a conscious effort to enjoy our children, their activities, and their different stages. We try to teach our children the importance and real significance of being grateful, and how lucky they are to be a part of this amazing country. We still miss our homeland and friends in Venezuela, yet we are so happy and grateful for all the friends we have found through these years who have become a real family to us here in the US,” Daniela says.

Oscar and Daniela surely know when to pause mindfully, to be present for their loved ones and to enjoy life. They also are a testament to the American dream come true. Their determination and genuine desire to contribute to their communities has brought success all around, adding value to their clients’ investments and to Orlando’s growth while contributing to their bottom line, which is their family business, Be Live Commercial and Residential Real Estate. For more information visit: bliverealestate.com