B Live Pro LLC is a property management company located in Orlando, FL that excels at providing solutions for long term property management for Orlando, Windermere, Kissimmee, Celebration and Lake Nona property owners. We are expert at providing innovative solutions for anything from single family homes to retail commercial plazas.  The owner can hire our firm as an agent to manage their investment.  Properties are promoted with custom advertisements which include professional photos and compelling textual descriptions.

Effective communication is one of our strengths, we focus on giving our tenants and owners  prompt responses to questions or inquiries. Satisfied tenants build long term relationships for our owners. Owners are constantly aware of the operation of their property.  Our team is always ready to assist you by phone, email, fax, mail or personal appointments.

In B Live Pro LLC we verify all the requirements are met when qualifying a tenant. To ensure  we have the right tenants for our owner’s properties, we perform a background screening of all prospects, credit checks, previous residence history and a detail bank account with proof of income.  On behalf of our owners, we negotiate holding our qualified tenants and maintaining a solid relationship with them by meeting their needs and concerns as soon as possible.

To keep timely and meticulous records, we like to maintain clear documentation of  all rental income and expenditures incurred in connection with our management of the property.  To support this documentation, we ensure compliance with all federal state, county and local governmental statutes as well as administrative regulations, ordinances, and fire, health and safety codes.

We share a common goal: To obtain the most higher return of your investment. To  achieve this very important task,  we market the properties using  the latest technology in real estate and management systems that target every major rental website which help us in renting in the shortest period of time.