Frequently Asked Questions

Registering as a customer will allow us to have immediate access to your contact information and also allow you to be represented as our customer. Unlike buying without the representation of a real estate agent we can take care of your interests, provide current market statistics, prices of different builders and ensure that you have available the necessary comparables according to your needs for both the acquisition of the ideal property and The best financing option available in the market.

Condos, one bedroom apartments starting at $ 80,000; condos below $ 80,000 won’t be the best option to choose because of inconvenience location and security factors.  The next option is the Townhomes from $ 170,000 and Single Family Homes from $ 280,000. In the case of New Construction the largest inventory is Townhouses and Houses, the apartments are not so common. If the capital to invest available is between $ 50,000- $ 80,000 you can use it as an initial / down payment on a property that allows financing, properties considered “Condos” are more difficult to finance, in this case they may consider a townhouse or a Single Family Home.

You can pay cash or you can apply for a financial loan.


As a foreigner client we have several options available with a down payment between 30% and 40% of and the rest financed to 15 or 30 years with an average interest of 5-6% per year.

If you are going to apply for a loan, the bank will offer financing options according to your conditions and needs offering you a specific result based on eligibility.

By talking with us and analyzing your economic situation and the type of property you are looking for, we can determine the real estate options that fit your budget, tell you the bank that suits your needs and we will work as a team to achieve the best option according to your search criteria.

After evaluating different options and choosing the house you dreamed of, we will send an offer and the property is negotiated until you and the seller reach an agreement so we will can have a signed contract.

After having your contract signed the application process begins for the loan with the bank and in parallel the review and preparation of all the necessary documents for the signature with the title company. During this waiting period an inspection of the property is made and once the loan has been approved, the date of signature is scheduled and the purchase of your property is made formal.

If you are a foreigner or you are going to spend a long term out of Orlando, FL we can manage your property and take care of it, as well as manage a return on your investment through a rental monitored by our Property Management department.

The average return on investment is $ 7% ROI per year

  • Copy of passport and American visa.
  • Last two bank statements showing the funds for this transaction.
  • Copy of the purchase and sale contract when available.
  • Two credit references showing a credit history of not less than 24 months (credit cards, car loan, mortgage loan, etc.).
  • Annual state tax for all the properties owned.
  • As a business owner, a letter from a certified public accountant is required and a personal and corporate financial statement as well as a statement of profit and loss for the last two years and so far this year prepared by the same public accountant certificate.
  • Professional license from your accountant.

The initial required for the purchase of local clients is between 3.5% – 30% and for foreign clients from 25% to 50% of the value of the property, depending on the financial capacity of each client.

The average percentage for loans to local clients will depend on your credit record and your income with an initial 4-6%. For foreigners, in the current market is 4% – 8%. The most common programs offered by banks are 30 years with fixed interest for the first 5 years.

The average time is 6 – 8 months, this period may be slightly extended due to permits and / or regulations needed on the grounds that may delay the process.


Yes, we have a network of clients, commercial relations in our city and extensive experience in the market of land acquisition, hotels, residential projects, commercial plazas, offices and more.

The closing costs can vary between 2% – 6%, other expenses to consider are property insurance, taxes, condominium expenses, property valuation, property plan, activation fees for utility services, fees for Legal advice and financing, among others.

We can send you digital plans of the different available models of the properties, maps of the condominiums, detailed list of the standards used by the builders, investment analysis, photos, videos and more.

Most builders offer credit for closing costs, special promotions for totally free pools, gourmet style kitchens, as well as additional upgrades at the design center and up to annual Home Owner Association fees.