We assist you as a developer with land acquisition, renovations, and or the improvement of your investment. Whether is a hotel, office building o retail plaza our experience provides an invaluable level of oversight for the contract to ensure that your protect is design and built to develop your real estate property. Our Construction Service includes the support of planning, engineering and construction process of your protect along withmarkeT research, project management and more. Our aim is to add value to your development project through each service we provide.

Our Commercial Partner

Malak Corporation, one of our top commercial partners, was founded in 2003 in the State of Florida. A privately held, family-owned General Contracting, HVAC & Mechanical Insulation.

Their Clients include customers such as the State of Florida, Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Sea World Parks and many more, as well as numerous not for-profit private, commercial, manufacturing, and industrial companies.

General Contracting & Remodeling is a staple in our firm’s exemplary history, Malak Corporation provides highly professional construction management and support services. You may have a unique project that requires a strict adherence to cost, schedule, and quality parameters. That’s why our support systems are designed to effectively control planning, engineering, and construction.